To Start Journey, Download and Install ScreenPad app on Your Computer.

Follow the Simple Steps given below.

1) How to download ScreenPad on your Computer?

you can download the windows app on your phone and transfer it to your Computer.

Download from here

To download ScreenPad in Computer, you can use one of the two ways given below,

  1. Enter your Computer's E-mail, You will get download link of Screenpad in Computer's Mail-Box.

  2. Another Simple way is to run Microsoft Edge, Search ScreenPad remote desktop, you will see website.

click on that Website, you will see two download options there. windows 64 bit and 32 bit if you don't know about your System Architecture, Simply click onDownload 32-bit.

2) How to install?

After downloading ScreenPad(32xbit).exe or ScreenPad(64xbit).exe Simply click on that.

you will see Installer, click on next and finally, install

What if ScreenPad Installer ScreenPad(xxbit) is not starting?

Successfully Installed, But App doesn't start?

Restart your Computer and Try again.

If still issue persists, please send your Computer windows version and email in feedback. (Say no to was this page Helpful question given below.)

3) How to start Controlling?

After installation runs ScreenPad app, Turn on wifi-hotspot on your Phone, and Wifi on your Computer.

If you don't have wifi in Computer, connect Phone and Computer using your usb charging cable, Turn on USB tethering in phone's Hotspot Settings.

Now After both devices are connected, you will See your Computer name in your Phone's App, Click to start Controlling.

If Computer Name doesn't appear after successful connection, click on Scan QR and Connect

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